Trailight ®'s registered, original products and lenses comply with the standards of EU, have passed international tests, have right photometric values, and integrate all functions of a lighting system within its body.

Product testings have proved and documented that Trailight ® has service life equal to vehicle life in all conditions. Structures of wires and raw materials used in the system have been designed with non-flammable and non-sparking materials. Device values are indicated on each product.

Wiring and signalling systems used in trailers have ADR certificate which is a legal safety standard against flammable and explosive substances.

Rear Lamps, Side Marker & Position Lamps, Number Plate Lamps, End-Outline Marker Lamps, Flasher - Fog - Multiple Use Lamps, Interior Lamps, Reflex Reflectors, Rotating Beacons, Work Lamps, Exproof Atex 4 Lamp

Trailer saves while using

Warranted Trailight sets save with their international quality approval and long lifetime; provide economy in the change of damaged elements. Trailight's product groups tested in the highest automotive standards are the choices of prominent OEM firms from China to USA, from Germany to Brazil, and of the highest-quality trailer and semi-trailer manufacturers.

Trailight is everywhere

There is no hardship in change or replacement, since parts like light bulbs, wires, sockets and screws at international standards are used in components of Trailight ® which has maximum durability and long lifetime no matter what the conditions deriving from the nature or road conditions are.